We are Tawasal - an information technology company established in Abu Dhabi, UAE and we are looking for an experienced Senior Marketing Specialist to complete our dynamic team.

Job title and department: Senior Marketing Specialist, Marketing

Job purpose and objective: In our organization, the Senior Marketing Specialist role is responsible for creating, developing and implementing Marketing initiatives. Reduced to its essence, it is important for our Senior Marketing Specialist role to work closely with COO and design team to ensure that the entire spectrum of our marketing initiatives is met in a timely and efficient manner. The objectives of the role include but are not limited to:

  1. Use resource-light and cost-effective digital marketing tactics to help grow and retain an active user base, and gain exposure.

Key responsibilities and duties: The main duties and responsibilities of the Senior Marketing role may include:

Understand our product and what it delivers, understand the user personas Take full accountability for Digital promotion and SM campaigns Create, develop, update, curate high quality content Manage PR roll outs Investigate, analyze, interpret and closely monitor Product data to enhance Marketing activities Establish and curate digital promotion channels Craft, launch, and monitor SM campaigns Write and manage high quality content for PR roll-outs Contribute to updating the business brand Reporting structure: COO

Application process: The application process for this position consists of the following:

  • Send application via Tawasal website

  • 1st introductory interview

  • 2nd interview, technical / task oriented

  • Confirmation of eligibility and set-up of the onboarding process

If being proactive, reliable, and keeping up-to-date with new technologies and tools related to BE characterizes you then we’d like to hear from you. Let’s jumpstart your career in IT, apply today!


Required qualifications, skills, and experience: The ideal candidate, preferably possesses a master's degree in Digital Marketing or a related field (optional) Minimum 5 years in a Digital Marketing role within the IT industry is also desirable. Subsequently, we desire to add to our team a colleague with the following skillset:

Hard Skills:

Marketing Strategy: Ability to develop and implement effective marketing strategies. Data Analysis: Proficiency in analyzing marketing data to understand effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Digital Marketing: Knowledge of digital marketing strategies and tools. SEO and SEM: Knowledge of search engine optimization and search engine marketing to increase web visibility. ASO, GPSO: Knowledge of app stores optimization Content Creation: Ability to create compelling marketing content for various platforms. Social Media Marketing: Proficiency in using social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat) for marketing purposes. Budgeting: Ability to craft and manage marketing budgets effectively. Project Management: Skills in managing multiple marketing projects simultaneously. Market Research: Ability to conduct and analyze market research.

Soft skills:

Strong organizational skills: to manage a high volume of BE-related tasks efficiently Excellent communication and problem: solving skills - to support team dynamics Attention to detail: to maintain accurate task management Time management skills: to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment Adaptability and flexibility: to handle changing priorities and perform a variety of tasks as needed. Lifelong learning attitude: to continuously improve their skills and knowledge in latest technologies.

Physical demands and work environment: The role is desired to be on site, but it can be performed in hybrid capacity as well. It does not require any specific physical demands or conditions.


Salary and benefits: Salary offered according to industry benchmarks